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Hasta la luna

Hasta La Luna, more than a space, is a community where all women are welcome. Here, we connect with our roots to achieve a conscious connection with our feminine power, and thus enjoy all the wonderful stages of our femininity; highlighting the qualities that make us unique: giving life, being creative, loving, caring and conscious.

In this place, we honor the most powerful creative and healing source, Mother Earth. And it is, through it, that we generate 100% natural solutions that achieve a complete transformation in the women who use them.

Our purpose is to accompany you on the way so that you begin to live a more conscious lifestyle and find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Beautiful woman, connect with your Yoni, with your origin. Heal yourself, pamper yourself, understand yourself and enjoy your great source of wisdom, creativity and love.

Hasta La Luna | Ana Gallego

My story

Hasta La Luna was born after a totally transformative process in my life. A few years ago I would not have imagined being so connected with my roots and with the powers that nature offers us. Nor did I imagine, to be creating a community of women who would support each other, and allow healing and connection with their feminine power.

This is how my story begins: A couple of years ago I lived in the United States and had my life established there. In that place I lived many experiences that might not seem very good for society, but in reality I treasure and appreciate very much having lived them, because it was thanks to them that I grew up, I awakened my magic, I learned a lot and, above all, thanks to them. I managed to discover myself and recognize my gifts to help other women.

In the process, I met an African woman who helped me remember the healing power of plants and introduced me to vaginal steam baths. It was there where I achieved a conscious awakening of all the powers that I had within my reach and how they were transforming my life little by little.

These baths helped me to love my menstruation, my cramps decreased and my hormonal environment became too regulated; Best of all, I did this with a 100% natural product. Seeing the power of plants to remove and cleanse my energy, made me discover that this goes beyond a product as such, this is healing, connection and transformation.

Since then, I decided to work on myself, and I began to heal my ancestors, to understand the experiences I lived, to awaken my gifts and what I have to offer to other women to accompany them in their process of connection, healing and transformation. .

Each Yoni Steam that I prepare with love, I do it with a purpose and a personalized intention for each woman who is going to do it.

Now, I can say that, in my life, I have found healing and transformation both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, through the beautiful gifts that Mother Earth gives us.

Our Commitment!

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Our Philosophy

We blindly believe in the powers that nature offers us. All of our products are 100% natural, with no added chemicals that can disrupt the normal and healthy processes of the mind and body.

Nature gives us various options for us to transform what we need, for that reason, we focus on offering you powerful solutions that will allow you to recover that natural balance of your body, mind and spirit and, in addition, achieve a conscious connection with the Earth and honor your feminine power.

"When a woman decides to heal, she becomes a work of love, since she not only heals herself but she heals her entire lineage"
- Unknown

Certified Products

100% Colombian quality

We supply various quality organic products!

hasta la luna

100% Sustainability

We do our part to remain environmentally responsible. Our eco-friendly solutions ensure that we support the cycle of karma and positivity by giving back to the environment. We do not believe in taking without replacing.

Our products are traditional and natural. We assure our customers of high quality ranges that are authentic and responsibly produced. All aspects of our business support 100% sustainability.

Never Tested on Animals

Nature’s Powerful Healing does not include any form of animal testing. We support cruelty-free solutions and assure our customers of natural products. At “Hasta La Luna”, we do not believe in supporting animal testing and instead make sure that our products are reliably sourced and evaluated to provide you with safe, natural and healing solutions for personal care and creation. of a healthy environment.

At “Hasta La Luna” we believe that loving you means taking care of yourself with the incredible healing power that only nature can provide.